Advanced Fetal Care Services, Before and After Birth

If your unborn baby has been diagnosed with a congenital abnormality, it’s an unexpected step on your pregnancy journey.

We are the only hospital in Georgia in which the mother can deliver her child, have the baby transported to the NICU or the OR (if necessary), and return to the NICU all under the same roof. There is also a Ronald McDonald House outside the front door of the Children's Hospital where the mom can stay while she is discharged and the baby is still receiving care.

We’re here for you—to answer all your questions and to provide the very best care for your and your unborn baby. We also provide all the supportive services your family will need throughout the rest of your pregnancy and after birth.

Our longstanding program offers sophisticated and effective fetal care services—including options not available anywhere else in the state—all designed to help families stay strong and remain together throughout this journey.

What to Expect

Our advanced fetal care services offer consultations for OB/GYNs caring for families of children with fetal abnormalities from across the state.

You may be diagnosed by one of our specialists or by your own OB/GYN. Following your referral, you will meet with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, who will guide your care and the care of your unborn baby throughout the remainder of your pregnancy to ensure you both remain healthy.

Your maternal-fetal medicine specialist will bring together a multidisciplinary team to develop a plan of care, which could include treatments in utero, immediately after birth, or soon after birth and beyond.

Depending on your child’s diagnosis, you may be able to give birth at another hospital and have your baby transferred here, or your physician may recommend that you give birth at our center.

Following your child’s birth, he or she will be transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Call 706-721-1567 to make an appointment. In the case of a surgical problem of a baby in utero, contact Linda Alexander at 706-721-3941.