What is Webview?

Our clinic is now offering Webview™, which gives you secure access to your medical chart through a secure patient portal. Currently, you will have access to your vital signs, medication list, allergies, labs, radiology results and secure messaging, which allows you to contact your health provider at your convenience. The benefit of sending messages this way is that it improves the quality of your care and it is more secure than email. These messages become part of your medical chart. To send a message to your health care provider, click on the "New Message" box, upper left. To view messages that have been sent to you, click "Inbox."

Webview™ is easy to set up in the office. You must be an established patient, and you will need an email address and an Internet connection. You will be provided a username and password with which you can login. There is no cost for Webview™. Webview™ is not intended for urgent problems or emergencies. Patients with emergencies should call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the enrollment form (below), and fax it back to 706-721-7264 or drop it by the front desk at Family Medicine. If you have questions about completing the form or using Webview, please contact Wendy Widener at wwidener@augusta.edu or Patrick Hatch at phatch@augusta.edu.

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