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What are my options?

There are many options for vision correction – glasses, contact lenses and laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK. At Eye Care Associates, our doctors will help you make the right choice for your specific eye health and lifestyle needs.

Over one million people worldwide have chosen laser vision correction to give them the freedom of vision with less dependency on glasses or contacts. If you are active in sports, tired of wearing glasses or want to increase your career opportunities, the freedom of laser vision correction may be for you. Our staff looks forward to helping you decide on the best option for your vision and lifestyle.

When is laser vision correction the right option?

There are as many reasons for choosing to have laser vision correction as there are people. Many are just tired of the hassles associated with glasses and contact lenses. Sports and other outdoor activities aren’t as enjoyable when you’re always worrying about keeping your glasses on or losing a contact lens. Additionally, many people choose to have laser vision correction for safety reasons. They want to be sure that they can see in an emergency even if they lose their glasses or contact lenses.

Conditions that may be corrected with laser vision correction

  • Nearsightedness:  Nearsightedness occurs when the eye’s cornea (the clear colorless dome which covers the colored part of your eye) is too steep or the eye is too long. Light rays focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina. This results in distant objects being out of focus.

  • Astigmatism: Astigmatism is the result of a football shaped cornea. The result is that there is no single focus point, and vision is blurred both near and far.
  • Farsightedness: Farsightedness occurs when the eye’s cornea is too flat, or the eye is too short. Light rays focus behind the retina. This results in close objects being out of focus while distant objects are somewhat clear.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is the primary laser vision correction procedure used to treat farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. In LASIK, a flap is made on the surface of the cornea. An excimer laser beam is then used to reshape the cornea and improve the focusing power of the eye. Because the surface of the cornea is left intact, LASIK promotes faster healing with less chance for scarring and little discomfort after the procedure. LASIK provides a more rapid return of vision than earlier laser vision correction procedures. Over 98% of LASIK patients see well enough to drive without glasses or contacts.

Experienced surgeons and an excellent facility

Medical Center at Augusta University has a tradition of leadership in new technology. The surgeons at Eye Care Center have worked with various procedures to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses and rank among the nation’s best in surgical results. All Eye Care Center laser surgeons are board certified and have received extensive training in laser vision correction and other procedures. Our laser facility is state-of-the-art to ensure that you receive the most advanced care available.

Our experienced technicians, doctors and surgeons are all highly trained and have access to the latest technology. Because they work together as a team, you will receive the best quality of care.

Our Vision Commitment

At Eye Care Associates, our doctors are committed to meeting the needs of our community’s lifelong health by giving each individual patient the most advanced quality vision care available. We strive to meet the needs of our patients while maintaining the tradition of care you expect from Medical Center at Augusta University.

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