Appointments at Executive Wellness

Request an Appointment with Executive Wellness

To make an appointment with Executive Wellness, please contact our Executive Wellness Navigator at 706-723-4478 or e-mail,

We can discuss the standard Executive Wellness services as well as any additional tests or consultations you would like to add.

Executive Wellness Concierge Service

After you register for your Executive Wellness assessment, you will have a concierge type experience. Our Executive Wellness Navigator will coordinate your entire schedule and help you customize your plan, if necessary. The Navigator will be your point of contact throughout your experience and, at your request, will ensure that you and your primary care physician each receive copies of all of the records created during your medical assessment.

The Executive Wellness program is all coordinated by our Executive Wellness Navigator, your personal guide to make sure your day runs efficiently. In between your medical appointments, you will be escorted back to the Executive Suite so you can catch up on emails or calls. Lunch will be served in the Executive Suite, allowing you some ‘down time’ in a quiet setting with access to business services and wireless internet.