Medical Center at Augusta University Emergency Services

The Trauma specialized in the treatment of traumatic, critical care injuries 24/7. Medical Center at Augusta University has the region's only Level 1 Trauma Center, with an emergency helicopter, transport team and Emregecn Communications Center. The department is supported by air and ground transport. LifeNet provides unparalleled EMS helicopter service. 

The physicians and nurses in the trauma center, serve a 13 county region including Augusta. With LifeNet, Emergency Services also treats trauma patients beyond the 13 counties. The trauma center coordinated care for more than 1,500 trauma victims each year by following them through their hospital stays and coordinating their care after leaving Medical Center at Augusta University. The center included a 12-bed shock/trauma intensive care unit and a specialized trauma resuscitation area within the Emergency Department.

The Pediatric Emergency Department of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia is the region's only pediatric tertiary care referral hospital and our physicians include subspecialists in all areas of pediatrics.