A Lactose and Fructose Intolerance Clinic to Help Identify the Cause of Gas and Bloating

Many people suffer from bloating and gas because their bodies cannot efficiently digest or absorb some common food items such as lactose, or milk sugar. Other people suffer similar symptoms because their bodies cannot digest fructose, a type of sugar found in fruits and some vegetables, or they have difficulty digesting carbohydrates such as fructan.

Unfortunately, these disorders are frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.

If you suffer from unexplained gas and bloating, the trained staff at our Lactose and Fructose Intolerance Clinic can help. The team includes gastroenterologists, specially trained registered nurses and registered dieticians who understand these disorders and offer effective solutions to help you maintain your nutritional status and avoid unpleasant symptoms.  

We’ll begin with a comprehensive evaluation that may include:

  • A Hydrogen Breath Test for lactose intolerance
  • A Breath Test for fructose intolerance
  • A consultation with a registered dietician who will help you design a customized eating plan  

Request an online appointment now or call 706-721-9522 to speak to a member of our Care Team.