Better Health Begins with an Accurate Diagnosis

If you’re among the 70 million Americans who suffer from digestive disorders, you’ll want a fast, accurate diagnosis and a targeted treatment plan.

Augusta University Digestive Health Center offers a full array of GI diagnostic tests, ranging from conventional to the latest, most advanced procedures. 

Conventional tests include:

  • Upper and lower endoscopy. These first-line diagnostic tests use tiny cameras or “scopes” inserted through the body’s natural pathways to diagnose and sometimes treat gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Colonoscopy. A scope procedure used to screen for colorectal cancer, identify and remove precancerous polyps, and diagnose other diseases of the large intestine and rectum. Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions
  • Liver biopsies. Tissue samples are taken and sent to a pathologist to diagnose hepatitis, cancer or other diseases or check the condition of the liver. 

Other patients may require newer, more advanced diagnostic tests. Many of these are available locally only at Medical Center at Augusta University.

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