Prevent and Treat Gum Disease with Periodontal Care

If you experience diseases or disorders with your gums or the bones that support your teeth, one of our periodontists can deliver the care you need.

These professionals specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the soft tissue and bones that surround and support the teeth. They also specialize in the placement and repair of dental implants.

The periodontics clinic is located inside Augusta University Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, Ga. This facility offers multidisciplinary care and every dental specialty under one roof in a bright, spacious setting.

Our periodontists offer the following services:

  • Non-surgical treatments for gum disease, including root planning and scaling in which the infected surface of the root is cleaned and possibly treated with antimicrobials
  • Dental implants, to replace one or more teeth and prevent the need for dentures or bridges
  • Soft tissue grafts to cover the exposed roots of teeth
  • Surgical periodontal therapy to reverse bone loss and control inflammatory process around teeth and implants
  • Regenerative procedures to generate bone growth around teeth and at edentulous sites for future implant placement
  • Esthetic crown lengthening, to reshape excess gum tissue, expose more of the teeth and repair “gummy smiles” for a more attractive appearance.
  • All the resources of the Augusta University Dental Associates

We accept most dental insurance plans and credit cards as well as checks and cash.

Don’t let periodontal problems threaten your teeth and smile. Please call 706-721-2441 to speak with a clinic support specialist. 

More information on The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University.