Orthodontics to Straighten Your Teeth and Enhance Your Smile

If you or someone in your family has poorly positioned teeth or related facial or jaw problems, the orthodontists at Augusta University Dental Associates can work with you to create a straighter, healthier and more attractive smile.

These professionals deliver personalized care in a warm, reassuring environment, whether you need braces, retainers or more advanced procedures. They address virtually any orthodontic problem in infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

The orthodontic team offers a patient-centered approach to the following services:

  • Traditional and tooth-colored braces and removable clear retainers
  • Space management of the developing permanent teeth and interceptive orthodontic treatment for children as needed
  • Retainers and other retention devices
  • Orthodontic appliances to increase the width of the jaw (jaw expansion)
  • Orthognathic care to treat and correct abnormalities of the facial and jaw bones
  • Diagnosis and treatment of jaw joint disorders (TMJ) and facial pain problems
  • Limited orthodontic care for patients who do not need full-mouth orthodontics
  • Care for cleft palate and cleft lip patients, including nasoalveolar molding. This non-surgical procedure expands tissue prior to surgery and helps improve the overall aesthetic outcome.
  • Advanced imaging, including the area’s first limited field cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT). CBCT reduces radiation exposure yet provides clear, crisp images of a targeted area of the jaws and teeth
  • 3dMD facial imaging used in diagnosing and planning care for facial, aesthetic and functional problems
  • Laser treatments for minor alterations of gum tissue before applying  braces to teeth that are not fully erupted
  • Temporary anchorage devices placed in the jaw bone to help in the positioning of teeth
  • Interdisciplinary care in which orthodontists work with other dental or medical specialists to deliver comprehensive care for complex problems
  • Easy access to all the resources of Augusta University Dental Associates, the largest, most comprehensive dental practice in Georgia

We accept most dental insurance plans and credit cards, as well as cash and checks.

Don’t let crooked teeth or an irregular bite undermine your appearance, confidence, and health.

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