Refer a Patient to the Augusta University Dental Associates

Augusta University Dental Associates serves as a referral center for dentists throughout our area. We will see your patients quickly and keep you informed of  your patient’s status and progress.

To refer an adult or pediatric patient, please contact the numbers below:

Phone: 706-721-2151
Fax: 706 721-8184

General Dentistry
Phone: 706-721-2696
Fax: 706-723-0208

Clinical Center for Oral Medicine
Phone: 706-721-2607 
Fax: 706-721-4937

Oral Pathology
Phone:   706-721-2607
Fax: 706-721-4937

Oral Radiology
Phone:  706-721-2607
Fax:  706-721-4937

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Phone: 706-721-9744
Fax: 706-721-3511

Phone: 706 721-2421
Fax: 706-721-0623

Pediatric Dentistry
Phone: 706-721-2716
Fax: 706-721-0623

Phone: 706-721-2441
Fax: 706-723-0204

Phone: 706-721-2261
Fax: 706-721-7696

We accept most insurance plans and credit cards as well as checks and cash.