The Area’s Largest, Most Experienced Robotic Surgeons Across a Range of Specialties  

When it comes to robotic surgery, studies show that experience makes a big difference. So you’ll want to have your procedure performed by a proficient surgeon at a high volume robotic surgery center.

Medical Center at Augusta University operates the only such center in the area. The center is staffed by some of the most experienced robotic surgeons in the Southeast across a range of specialties. Many are nationally renowned in their specialties.

There’s Strength in our Numbers

These caring surgeons have performed more robotic procedures than any other group of physicians in the area. They are supported by anesthesiologists and surgical assistants with specialized training in the robotic surgical system. What’s more, these surgeons have quick and easy access to Medical Center at Augusta University medical staff, the largest, most diverse team of physicians in our area.

The team includes:

Gynecology and Urogynecology

Dr. John Lue
John R. Lue, MD
Dr. Brent Parnell
Brent Parnell, MD
Dr. Barbara Robinson
Barbara L. Robinson, MD

GYN Oncology

Dr. Sharade Ghamande
Sharade Ghamande, MD

Dr. Bunja Rungruang
Bunja Rungruang, MD


Dr. Michael Groves
Michael Groves, MD

Dr. Charles Hughes
Charles Hughes, MD



 Dr. Arturo Solares 
Arturo Solares, MD.



Dr. David Terris
David Terris, MD


Dr. Rabii Madi
Rabii Madi, MD


Dr. Martha Terris
Martha Terris, MD


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