The Area’s Most Advanced Robotic Surgical System for Cancer and Other Surgeries

The center offers the most advanced technology of its kind, the robotic three-dimensional surgical system. Our system is  equipped with the following technology not available at other area hospitals:

  • Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Technology. Firefly uses near-infrared imaging to detect dye injected into the blood during surgery. The dye helps surgeons identify vascular flow and distinguish normal from cancerous tissue. This lets physicians identify tumors with unparalleled accuracy, perform more precise surgical procedures and reduce the need for additional surgeries.
  • A simulation module. This module allows physicians to fine tune their surgical skills and train residents through exercises and scenarios specifically designed to improve proficiency. Surgeons receive real-time feed back. 
  • A dual console. Used for both training and collaboration, it allows two surgeons to collaborate on one surgery.  The dual console lets each surgeon sit at his or her individual console and see the same high definition images of the anatomy from the 3-D endoscope.

All this makes the Center for Advanced Robotics Surgery a major regional referral center for patients from Georgia, South Carolina, the Southeast and beyond.

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