8 Reasons To Select the Center for Advanced Robotic Surgery

1. You’ll receive care at the high-volume robotic surgery center. Studies show improved outcomes at high volume centers.

2. You’ll have access to the area’s largest, most experienced team of robotic surgeons across a range of specialties. This includes physicians who helped pioneer robotic surgery.

3. You can have advanced procedures not available at other area facilities. These include removing the bladder for bladder cancer, salvage prostatectomy when prostate cancer recurs after radiation therapy, and the "facelift" thyroidectomy which eliminates neck scarring.

4. Your surgeon will be equipped with the area’s only Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Technology. Firefly allows him or her to distinguish normal from cancerous tissue, operate with greater precision and possibly avoid the need for future surgeries.

5. Your surgeon will have access to the area’s only robotic simulation module. This allows surgeons to fine tune their surgical skills.

6. Your team will have access to the area’s only dual console, which allows two surgeons to collaborate on one surgery.

7. You can access true multidisciplinary care from the area’s largest, most advanced team of physicians, all on one campus.

8. You’ll be treated at an academic health center. Since our surgeons train the next generation of surgeons, they attend national and international conferences, and continuously upgrade their technology and standards of care.