Pediatric Expertise for Children of All Ages

Children’s Hospital of Georgia (CHOG) at Augusta University Health, the region’s only academic medical center, provides expert care for children of all ages. As the premier children’s hospital in the region, our focus is keeping your children healthy through both well visit general pediatric care and more advanced specialty care. If the need arises for advanced clinical care or longer term disease management, our highly trained team of skilled pediatric specialists are available for any medical need. With comprehensive pediatric clinical expertise – and the experience in taking care of generations of children – our team provides expert care based on your individual child’s growth patterns and specific level of development.

Multi-Disciplinary Care across All Pediatric Clinical Specialties

While CHOG provides care for every single clinical pediatric specialty, our team also has access to all of the resources of our full academic medical center at Augusta University. We practice a multi-disciplinary team approach across all areas of clinical care with a robust research and clinical trials program – to continue to develop advanced and more effective treatments and cures.

With such comprehensive care, we are able to take care of any routine childhood issue, but also the very complex or rare pediatric conditions. When you choose CHOG for your child’s care, an entire team of experts are focused on the health and well-being of your child for optimum growth and development.

Family Centered Care Approach at CHOG

At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, we understand that your child’s health affects the entire family. We also know that life doesn’t slow down when illness occurs. Our team provides a full support staff that helps your whole family through short term or longer term health issues. We have a team of Child Life Specialists that help young patients cope during a hospital or clinic visit, focusing on extra support for coping and normal childhood activities while receiving medical care.

Reaching Our Community through Events and the CHOG Blog

Health education is a critical component of care at Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Our team knows that improving the health of a community begins with each child we see. Teaching health and wellness – learning how to stay healthy and strong – is at the core of our mission. We work with communities around the region through public events and we teach families about improving children’s health through our CHOG blog