The Second Floor

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Medical Center at Augusta University Children’s Hospital of Georgia 2nd floor

The second floor of the hospital provides easy access to many important support and outpatient services. The main corridor is open to the first floor to help orient patients and visitors. Two-story video totems displaying changing nature scenes are sentinels along the hallway.

As you exit the public elevators near the front of the hospital, you'll see a seating area that overlooks the main lobby. Rehabilitation Services, which spans the front part of the second floor, has a glass wall through which patients riding bikes or walking on treadmills can watch activities in the lobby. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and audiology services are located in this area.

If you walk back into the major corridor that runs parallel to Harper Street, the next stop is pre-admission testing and the future site of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia clinical laboratory.

Respiratory care is directly behind the pre-admission and clinical lab area. Across from it is the outpatient nephrology and dialysis area where patients and families will learn about peritoneal dialysis.

Next is radiology which takes up about half the second floor and includes several X-ray machines, fluoroscopes, ultrasound equipment and a computerized tomography scanner. A site has been prepared for a magnetic resonance imager. The new radiology site offers filmless technology, which enables doctors to access radiologic studies by computer and review them in their offices, just one of many features that will help make the hospital accessible to community physicians and convenient for the faculty.

The trauma elevators, go from the first floor pediatric emergency department to the helideck on the roof of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, are near radiology, a frequent stop for young trauma patients arriving at the hospital. Also near radiology is an elevator that goes only between the second and third floors, making it easy for outpatients from the third floor of the Medical Office Building to access radiology services on the second floor of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia pharmacy also is located on the second floor.

The second floor has offices and clinical space for neuropsychology, psychiatry, anesthesiology and critical care medicine.