The Fourth Floor

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Medical Center at Augusta University Children’s Hospital of Georgia, 4th floor

Children’s Hospital of Georgia fourth floor emphasizes freedom and family togetherness. This general pediatric medicine floor houses 42 patient rooms with 44 beds. It has three nursing pods, an adolescent medical/surgical unit and a schoolroom for hospitalized children.

On the fourth floor, the main visitors area opens to a kitchenette for families and a vending area. Nearby is a large family lounge with comfortable seating and a small play area with interactive and wall-mounted games for children. The lounge leads to a family rooftop garden equipped with oxygen, air and suction, so all children, including those with ventilators and tracheotomies, can easily and safely visit the outdoors. The family lounge leads to the front door to the E-shaped patient care area. The longest part of the E has 16 single-patient rooms. Two double-occupancy rooms on this floor are available when siblings are admitted so parents can stay with both children.

Each nursing pod has a medication room and treatment room, a consult room and a solarium with a love seat, wing chair and end table for families quiet time. Each pod also has an area with a refrigerator, an ice maker and coffee maker for families. This area also provides an out-of-the-way location for personnel to leave meal carts when they are delivering food to patients.

The remaining single patient rooms are divided into three eight-bed wings off the larger unit. One houses an adolescent medical/surgical unit, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia only developmental unit, which can be expanded if necessary. The unit has a separate activity room with a stereo, game table, lounging chairs and a big-screen television.

The fourth floor has 12 fixed cardiorespiratory monitors and 12 telemetry units. Telemetry enables technologists to better monitor heart rhythms and gives children freedom while keeping them in direct contact with their nurses. The fourth floor also has a satellite location for rehabilitation services so inpatients don't have to be transported to the major rehabilitation site on the second floor.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia schoolroom and teachers office also are located on the fourth floor. Any child or teen hospitalized for three days or more is eligible for school services.