Dedicated Pediatric Surgical Care

At CHOG, children are our focus and our specially trained pediatric team is available to care for your child with the expertise that comes from decades of experience. At CHOG, every member of the surgical team is pediatric certified and specially trained, including board-certified and fellowship trained pediatric anesthesiologists, because caring for children is different.

Our surgical areas are designed and fully equipped only for children. We have ten operating rooms - all dedicated to pediatrics - and our neonatal intensive care (NICU), pediatric intensive care (PICU) and pediatric surgical offices are all on the same floor, in the same building. Our surgical team is specially trained for pediatric surgical care, including pediatric trained surgical specialists, pediatric anesthesiologists and pediatric certified nurses.

Trauma and Emergency Care across Entire CSRA Region and Beyond

In addition to routine and complex surgical care, CHOG provides highly skilled pediatric trauma surgeons for expert care in an emergency situation within the entire CSRA region. We provide ground or helicopter transport to the only academic medical center in the region for specialized care by the pediatric trauma team, with immediate access to the emergency room, operating rooms, skilled pediatric trauma surgeons and an entire specialty trauma team – just for children.  

CHOG’s pediatric Emergency Department is available for any need, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, for the highest level of care available – fully staffed by pediatric specialists so diagnosis and treatment can begin immediately.

Child Life Specialists Help Patients Prepare for Surgery

When facing a surgical procedure, we understand that both children and families are anxious. At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, our team of Child Life Specialists help children understand what will happen and why their surgery is necessary. One of our team members talks with young patients to better understand their care and why surgery is necessary – even being there early to meet with patients prior to surgery to answer any questions or concerns they may have.