Pediatric Imaging just for kids

Rooms that light up in different colors, bright murals, and other kid-friendly touches. As part of the region’s only children’s hospital, our radiology staff knows how to “kid” around — and ensure your child is comfortable, relaxed, and can remain still throughout his or her radiological exam. We offer:

  • Our main waiting area features soft lighting, comfortable chairs and an interactive video wall.
  • Families who prefer a more private waiting space may use the patient lounges inside the suite - a series of cozy nooks flanked with intimate seating and illuminated in varying colors of light.
  • Rooms where your child can choose the color of the lighting and a room theme, complete with visuals and sounds. This helps give your child a sense of control and also relaxes your child so he or she can be more comfortable during the exam.
  • A “kitten” scanner, a miniature simulated CT scanner, where children can choose a character to be a test patient.  This allows us to show and tell your child how his or her scan will work, helping to calm any fears or anxiety.
  • Radiographers who are specially trained to work with children, to help them get over their fears, cooperate with instructions during the exam, and have a positive experience.
  • Full sedation only when necessary.