Breathe Easier with Our Child-friendly Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing Lab

Children who suffer from asthma or other breathing disorders often require pulmonary function tests to diagnose asthma and other diseases and test the effectiveness of treatment. Medical Center at Augusta University’s Children's Hospital of Georgia’s pediatric pulmonary function testing lab offers:

  • Two dedicated respiratory therapists who specialize in pediatrics
  • A full range of tests including spirometry, exercise challenge tests to diagnose exercise-induced asthma, lung volume tests, plethysmography to measure how much air your lungs can hold, sweat testing to diagnose cystic fibrosis and other tests  
  • Child-friendly equipment and procedures  
  • Access to asthma educators
  • Child Life Specialists to help children understand and cope with care

For more information,  call 706-721-KIDS (5437) or toll free at 888-721-KIDS (5437) to speak to a member of our care team.