Specialists Dedicated to Helping your Child

When your child needs specialized clinical care for ear, nose and throat issues and conditions in the Augusta and surrounding areas, our team at Children’s Hospital of Georgia is ready to help. Making sure we have an accurate diagnosis, we provide expert care for both routine and complex childhood illnesses for ear issues and hearing loss, nose and sinus conditions and long term disease management for more complex illnesses. 

For ENT care, our team includes board-certified and fellowship trained pediatric otolaryngologists and ENT surgeons, pediatric specialized audiologists and speech pathologists that provide personalized and compassionate care for newborns, infants, children, adolescents and teens.

Ear Issues and Hearing Loss Expertise

Our ENT specialists provide expert care for routine ear issues such as recurring ear infections or persistent fluid in the ears. As children grow and develop, it is critical for speech and language development that they hear as clearly as possible as they begin to speak and naturally develop their language skills.

Our specialized pediatric audiologist provides follow up tests to hearing screenings such as the auditory brainstem response (ABR) test that measures the hearing nerve’s response to sound. This test can be used to detect any hearing loss in infants and very young children.  

Expert Care for Nose and Sinus Conditions

When children have recurring nasal or sinus issues, it can cause affect growth and development because sinuses are not fully developed until the late teens. It is important to have your child evaluated by a pediatric ENT specialist because many times more complex nasal or sinus issues are seen as a routine runny nose, allergies or a cold. Our team can evaluate your child’s individual condition and issues to make the right diagnosis so treatment can begin to provide relief. 

In addition to more routine conditions, otolaryngologists at CHOG care for the more complex nose and sinus conditions such as persistent nosebleeds, nasal obstructions or a nasal mass. Our team also provides disease management care for conditions such as cystic fibrosis. For these young patients, sinus issues are much more complex and our team is able to coordinate care with pulmonologists, respiratory therapists and other clinical specialists for the best long term care. 

Multi-Disciplinary Care for Any Need

Because all of our pediatric specialists are all under one roof at Children’s Hospital of Georgia, your child’s care is provided by an entire team of experts. For any need – from basic ENT care to the most complex conditions that require very specialized care, CHOG provides care for children of all ages across all clinical specialties. Several pediatric specialists actually see patients together because many clinical issues are related and impact other areas of care. In this way, care can be coordinated and improved from a range of clinical perspectives.

Our ENT team works with a multi-disciplinary approach to care for many specialized areas, including: