Adult Congenital Heart Care

“I’m 24 and I’m still seeing my pediatric cardiologist! He’s worked with me for the majority of my life, and I like how he explains what’s going on, checks and really makes sure I’m progressing in the right direction. I had another surgery last May when my aortic valve stretched during the stress of pregnancy. When I see him next, he’ll be checking my baby to make sure my son doesn’t have the same syndrome I had.”

--Angel Embry, who had surgery related to Marfan syndrome at ages 3 and 24


The need for an experienced pediatric heart program continues throughout our patient’s lives.

Today, it’s estimated that 800,000 children have grown into adults with congenital heart disease. Adult congenital heart care presents special challenges. You may:

  • Develop other heart issues related to your defect
  • Have other diseases of adulthood that affect your heart, including diabetes, obesity or atherosclerosis (buildup of cholesterol in the arteries)
  • Wish to become pregnant

If you’re an adult living with a congenital heart defect, it is important to have ongoing care by your pediatric cardiologist to ensure your congenital heart disease is being monitored.

Many of our staff have cared for patients since they were the tiniest of patients.  In fact, our multidisciplinary team offers decades of experience in managing the care of patients with congenital heart defects, providing:

Adult Congenital Treatments and Conditions

  • Aortic Root and Arch Reconstructive Procedures
  • Arrhythmia Operation(s)
  • Conduit Reoperation
  • Fontan Conversion for End-Stage Single Ventricle Patients
  • Fontan Conversion for Failing Fontan
  • Other Conversions or Revisions
  • Structural Heart Issues
  • Valve(s) Repair and Replacement
  • Valvular or Multivalvular Heart Disease

Your Care Team

Zahid Amin, MD

William Lutin, MD

Kenneth Murdison, MD

Anastasios Polimenakos, MD, FACS, FACC

Henry Wiles, MD