Pediatric EEG lab

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a painless test that records the brain's electrical activity through electrodes attached to the head. EEG helps doctors determine if the brain's electrical activity is causing seizures.

The Pediatric EEG lab at Children’s Hospital of Georgia is uniquely designed and staffed by physicians, nurses and technologists specially trained to care for kids.

We understand that babies and children are growing and need special care. That’s why we stay on the leading edge of safe EEG technology to help doctors diagnose childhood seizures and neurological disorders. A board certified pediatric neurologist reads each EEG test. And, our specialists work hand in hand with the Medical Center at Augusta University Pediatric Neuroscience Center to determine the best treatment and care plan.

As part of our commitment to Patient Family Centered Care, parents are encouraged to accompany their child to the test and our staff explains each step of the procedure.