Academic Medical Center Expertise through Children’s Hospital of Georgia

If your child or patient needs specialized pediatric care that’s not available in your community, the Pediatric Transport Team offers air and ground transport to Children’s Hospital of Georgia, a regional referral center for pediatric care and the only academic medical center in the area. Our trained team can come to any hospital throughout Georgia, across all counties in the state and to cities as far south as Statesboro, Albany and Thomasville.

Such a specialized transport team – with expertise and experience in transporting just children – provides the highest level of care possible as young patients are brought to Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Because children are not just small adults, their care, especially in an emergency situation, should be provided by a team that knows the unique growth and development needs of children at any age and physical maturity.

CHOG provides Pediatric Trauma Services and the region’s only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit  

Children’s Hospital of Georgia provides the very highest capabilities for pediatric trauma services, including the region’s only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - providing the most advanced care for children for the most complicated cases. For any need - at any age, our specialists at CHOG provide every level of pediatric care by a multidisciplinary team of experts. Research has shown that the more immediate ICU care, the stronger the outcomes – and the lower the complication rates, too. Using a specialized pediatric early warning score, transports provided by our certified pediatric team at CHOG show the same or improved scores after continuous ICU care while in transit.

With the transport of any child, this higher level of pediatric intensive care begins the moment our team arrives for continuous advanced care. This continuity of intensive care support means that any change in a young patient’s condition can be addressed quickly. The CHOG team also recognizes the unique symptoms of children more quickly and are able to intervene to stabilize. Intervention begins immediately, including the use of pediatric specific equipment such as the same ventilator as ICU, pediatric specific IV drips and distinct pediatric medication dosages.  

In-transport Care by a Certified and Registered Pediatric Specialists

Every member on CHOG’s transport team has pediatric ICU expertise so they are experienced in the critical care of children. Our Children’s Hospital of Georgia’s transport team provides emergency care, ventilator support, invasive monitoring and vasoactive drugs during transport. In addition, they are in contact with a board-certified pediatric physician intensivist, who advises the team during transport.

Our pediatric transport team’s trained intensive care nurses and pediatric respiratory therapists have more than 30 years of pediatric critical care experience and travel throughout Georgia and neighboring states, bringing emergency care directly to patients from birth to age 21 – all during transport.

Specialized Transport Care for Crisis in Disease Management

As the only hospital outside Atlanta that treats congenital heart defects and has pediatric extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) capability, it is critical for transport to provide continuous critical care and get any critically ill pediatric patient to the most skilled pediatric specialists as soon as possible.

In addition, for many pediatric transport needs, an emergency can occur in the long term disease management of a range of childhood illnesses. In the case of a seizure or chronic renal failure, it is important to use a pediatric experienced transport team for continuous ICU care. Our team is here to help.

When to Contact the Pediatric Transport Team

Call the Pediatric Transport Team if your patient:

  • Requires a higher level of care than is available locally
  • Faces a technology-dependent emergency
  • Is in respiratory distress
  • Has an injury that suggests abuse
  • Has deteriorating vital signs
  • Exhibits an altered level of consciousness
  • Is experiencing cardiac problems
  • Has suffered a trauma

Emergency Call Center for Immediate Referrals

Currently all transport calls are routed through Augusta University Health's Emergency Call Center – with one central number available around the clock - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. By calling 877-561-5600, the emergency room (ER) physician from any hospital across Georgia and the surrounding states can call and be routed to CHOG’s pediatric ICU physician to expedite transport.

For More Information or Questions about Pediatric Transport

To arrange a transport for any child, please call 877-561-5600. If you have questions about our services, please contact:

Jason Herold, Pediatric Transport Coordinator