Radiation Therapy Center

The Radiation Therapy Center in Augusta is a free-standing regional facility located on campus at Augusta University Medical Center. As part of Augusta University, the center is an open staff community cancer treatment center for the state of Georgia.

The 25,672 square foot facility houses three Varian linear accelerators, an Oldelft conventional simulator, a superficial unit, and various treatment planning computer systems. All treatments are carefully monitored and logged on a networked VARIS system. The center is also fortunate to have a Picker AcQsim CT and virtual simulator on site, which is coupled with a state-of-the-art ADAC Pinnacle3 three dimensional treatment planning system. The inauguration of this equipment in 1996 has helped place the Georgia Radiation Center at the leading edge of quality patient care.

The patient population includes private, state, military, and Department of Veterans Affairs referrals. More than 1000 new patients are treated at the center each year.

The Radiation Therapy Center not only provides patient care but is also involved in education. Based at the center is the baccalaureate Radiation Therapy Technology Program and the only baccalaureate program in Medical Dosimetry in the country. Both of these programs are administered through the School of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University.

Radiation Therapy Center
821 St. Sebastian Way
Augusta, GA 30904
Phone: 706-721-2273