Child Life Specialists

Specially trained in child development, child life specialists are skilled at working with children and their families. Through one-on-one interaction, child life specialists help children deal with emotional issues and uncertainties that may arise from their medical conditions or from their hospital stay. Child life specialists are important resources for parents as well, ready to help address any needs they may have within the medical environment, which can be affected by a child’s hospitalization.

Child life specialists provide activities for children while they are at our facilities. Whether it is a visit from Santa for those children in the hospital during the holidays or therapeutic interventions for children during their chemotherapy treatment, play therapy plays a critical role in the healing process and helping a child feel normal. Materials used by Child Life are supplemented by generous donations.

child and child life specialist with Tigger

Who are Child & Adolescent Life Specialists?

Child and Adolescent Life Specialists are professionals educated in child development and skilled in working with hospitalized children and their families. They use medical play, coping techniques and playroom interaction to help make hospitalized children comfortable and content. Additionally, child life specialists provide distraction techniques and support through stressful procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a Child and Adolescent Life Specialist or would like more information about the profession, visit

For More Information 

Call the Child & Adolescent Life Department at 706-721-5503 for more information, including:

  • medical play
  • psychological preparations
  • group and individual interventions
  • developmentally appropriate activities
  • questions about donations