Helping Children through Clinical Care

Our team of Child Life Specialists help children through every aspect of care at CHOG. We help your child understand their care, but also provide a sense of normalcy while they are at CHOG – either short or longer term. Through one-on-one interaction, we explain clinical care or procedures so patients understand why something needs to be done. Our staff is specially trained to help patients through any medical care – from getting an IV placed or preparing for a surgical procedure. Our team of caring Child Life Specialists arrives early to try to meet with each patient prior to surgery to help explain the procedure and answer any questions or concerns.

Nationally Certified for Expert Child Life Care

At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, we follow Child Life Council ( guidelines so all of our team members are skillfully trained to work with our pediatric patients. Each member of our team must have a child development background, complete an internship with a certified Child Life Specialist and pass a certification exam. With additional training in medical terminology and ethics, we understand how children are affected by a hospital experience and our team is trained to help them have a positive outcome.

Family Centered Care through Child Life Program

Because our team is only focused on the expert care of children, we know that children need extra support for normal growth and development opportunities. We help our patients cope with illness, understand what to expect at the hospital and with their care, but also find time to play and just be a kid.

It can be a scary time for children, siblings and parents so we help reassure our young patients and their families that they are in a safe place and all of those that provide their care are here to help them. We care for all ages of patients - from birth up to age 21 – focusing on a family centered care approach.

Building Rapport with Long Term Patients

Our longer term patients get to know the Child Life Specialists and are always happy to see a friendly and familiar face when they return to the hospital for either an appointment or procedure. Our priority is to ease any anxiety, especially for those patients most often adversely affected by a hospital visit - our very young patients from 6 months to 4 years of age. Our goal is to turn any anxiety into a positive experience at CHOG.

Special Events for our Young Patients

We try to remember that kids don’t want to miss special events just because they are in the hospital. So our team schedules frequent character visits – super heroes and princesses - and pet therapy once a month. Our special friends at Papa John's even donate pizza once a month for our families. Also, community groups provide activities – special events and games. Holidays are very fun – we take our kids trick or treating throughout the hospital and Santa comes on Christmas day!

CHOG Camps Available for Continued Support

Managing six different camps helps us stay in touch with our young friends for a strong bond over time. By providing fun camp options for CHOG patients, with and without clinical support, Child Life Specialists manage a range of specialty camps including:

Camp Rainbow: Day camp to support our cancer patients between the ages of 4-16 

Camp Joint Venture: An overnight summer camp for children between the ages of 6-18 diagnosed with juvenile arthritis or other rheumatology conditions  

Camp Strong Heart: Overnight camp for children between the ages of 5-17 for cardiac related diagnosis

Camp Sweet Life: Camp for children with diabetes or between the ages of 7-16

Camp Share and Care: A week long camp for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families

DASH: Bereavement camp for cancer patient families

For More Information about Child Life Services

For more information about our services, please contact one of our team members in the Child & Adolescent Life Department at 706-721-5503 to learn more about:

  • Medical play
  • Psychological preparations
  • Group and individual interventions
  • Developmentally appropriate activities
  • Questions about donations