Protect Your Child from Car Crashes   

Car crashes are the leading cause of accidental injury-related death in children. Even careful drivers can’t control the actions of others or eliminate the possibility of a crash. Further, most crashes occur within 25 miles of the home on roads with lots of intersections. That’s why it is important to protect yourself and your children every time you get into a car.
Even a minor crash can be extremely dangerous. Crash forces are calculated as weight x speed, so a10-pound baby in a 40-mile-per-hour crash would experience 400 pounds of force. This is equivalent to the child falling from a five-story building.
Car seat usage rates have dramatically improved over the last 10 years, yet many children are still inadequately protected. Make sure your children are not among them by taking our child safety seat class or have a child safety seat inspection, a FREE service provided by Safe Kids Greater Augusta.