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Parent Workshops
Designed for a parent-to-be, new parent, grandparent or caregiver that would like to communicate with the baby in their life before he can talk, this one-time introductory workshop teaches everything you need to know to get started with the Baby Signs® Program, including:

  • How to begin signing with your baby
  • Effective ways to begin teaching signs at home
  • Easy ways to use signs in daily routines
  • What to expect as your baby transitions from signs to speech
  • A personalized signing plan   

Cost is $30 per family plus $20 for class materials.

Parent KitFee includes the Parent Workshop Resource Kit:

  • Parent Guide
  • Welcome to Baby Signs® DVD
  • My Baby Signs® Sampler DVD
  • A Sign Vocabulary Flip Chart
  • Bookmarks

Please call 706-721-6929 for more information.