Camp Joint Venture, sponsored by the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, is an overnight summer camp for children between the ages of six to 18 who have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and related diseases. The goal of camp is to provide children and adolescents with rheumatic disease the opportunity to participate in normal childhood activities in a summer camp setting. It also provides parents a break from caring for a child with chronic illness. They can be assured their child is safe, cared for and having fun in a safe environment.

At Camp Joint Venture, the main focus is taken off the child’s medical needs, and placed instead on the psychosocial and developmental needs. Campers are offered the excitement and fun of traditional summer camp activities. They are also offered the unique advantage of being in an environment cared for by staff that are responsive to their special medical needs. Campers enjoy a week packed full of fun and adventure while learning that they are not alone in their fight against rheumatic disease.

Children from all over the states of Georgia and South Carolina will be attending Camp Joint Venture, which is held at Camp Lakeside in Lincoln County, Georgia. Camp Lakeside gives children a deeper understanding of nature and allows them to share the joys of an outdoor setting that is comfortable and secure. Campers are encouraged to explore a variety of interests and activities including swimming, arts and crafts, archery, boating, biking and a multitude of sports activities.

Camp Joint Venture is an opportunity for children to create memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more, you can connect with Mandy Lee, director for Camp Joint Venture by email or by calling (706) 721-7637.