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Child Life Specialists


Child Life Specialists

We help our patients cope with illness and understand what to expect at the hospital with their care, but we also find time to play and let them just be a kid.

Child & Adolescent Life Department
Children’s Hospital of Georgia
1446 Harper Street
Augusta, GA 30912

  • Child Life Specialists

Our Approach

Child Life Specialists, also known as Child and Adolescent Life Specialists, are trained professionals educated in child development and skilled at working with children and families to overcome the challenges of a hospitalization.  Using developmentally appropriate activities, we help children understand their medical treament in a kid's language.  We care for all ages of patients - from birth up to age 21 – focusing on patient-and-family-centered care.

Child life specialists are important to patients’ families as well, addressing any questions or needs they might have while their child is being hospitalized.

Hospitals can be scary for young patients, siblings and parents.  Our Child Life Specialist are here to reassure patients and their families that they are in a safe place and that we are here to help them.

Comprehensive care for children

Child Life Specialists at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia have the pediatric clinical expertise and experience of taking care of generations of children by providing expert care based on your child’s individual growth patterns and level of development. Our team provides a full support staff that helps your whole family through short term or longer term health issues. We understand that your child’s health affects the entire family because life doesn’t slow down when illness occurs.  

Nationally certified

At Children’s Hospital of Georgia, we follow The Association of Child Life Professionals guidelines so all of our team members are skillfully trained to work with our pediatric patients. Each member of our team must have a bachelor's degree (typically in Child Develpment), complete an extensive internship under the supervision of a certified Child Life Specialist, and pass the Child Life certification examimation.

Developmentally Appropriate Interventions

Our team of Child Life Specialists help young patients during their hospital or clinic visit by giving extra support for coping and encouraging normal childhood activities while receiving medical care.  We also know that providing children with familiar activities helps make them more comfortable and content, we do this through:

  • Medical play, which helps a young child understand what is happening. This play is critical to a child’s healing and helps them to feel normal.
  • Coping and distraction techniques, can help children get through stressful procedures.
  • Psychological preparations and therapeutic intervention, for children who are having a particularly difficult time dealing with their diagnosis and treatment.

Materials used by Child Life Specialists are supplemented by generous donations.

Building rapport with long-term patients

Our longer term patients get to know our Child Life Specialists and are always happy to see a friendly and familiar face when they return to the hospital for either an appointment or procedure. Our priority is to ease any anxiety, especially for those patients most often adversely affected by a hospital admission - our very young patients from 6 months to 4 years of age. Our goal is to help children understand the hospital, their treatment, and the medical process.

Special events for children

We try to remember that kids don’t want to miss special events just because they are in the hospital. So our team schedules frequent character visits – super heroes and princesses, and pet therapy - once a month. Also, community groups provide activities that include special events and games. Holidays are very fun! We take our kids trick-or-treating throughout the hospital and Santa comes on Christmas day!


Our Providers

Augusta University Medical Center specialists provide care and support throughout your entire healthcare journey.

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