Why is Augusta University Center for Obesity & Metabolism Your Best Choice?

As part of Augusta University Health, one of Georgia’s largest academic medical centers, we offer a comprehensive weight loss program with all the resources you need to reach your weight loss goals. Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides comprehensive surgical care to optimize your outcome. Our caregivers, world-renowned for their commitment to patient-and family-centered care, meet your needs in a safe and highly regulated hospital environment.

Services include:

  • Insurance assistance
  • Regular support groups
  • Long-term physical and psychological follow-up to ensure lasting success
  • A medical weight loss program to help you lose weight before surgery and keep it off after surgery
  • A bariatric nurse coordinator to oversee the weight loss process and address your day-to-day concerns
  • Surgical options including laparoscopy/minimally invasive surgery
  • Patient-and familycentered care that welcomes you and your family as vital members of the treatment team
  • Highly skilled specialists and subspecialists to promptly address all of your issues, including any potential complications
  • A multidisciplinary bariatric clinic with same day evaluation by our dedicated nutritionist, psychologist and medical physician
  • A team approach encompassing bariatric surgery, general medicine, nutrition, psychology, nursing, medical weight management and other vital components of success

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