Weight Loss Support Groups

Join our staff, other surgery candidates, those who have had surgery and others for our monthly support group discussions. We discuss a variety of topics including diet, exercising, challenges after surgery, social/family related issues after surgery and other topics. Discussions are led by members of our team (bariatric nurse coordinator, bariatric surgeon, clinical dietitian, and psychologist). We encourage our audience to guide the discussion by coming with plenty of questions.

It is an opportunity to learn about shared challenges and successes, to learn new techniques that have worked for others, to reinforce the things you are doing well to help lose weight and prevent weight regain.

We provide a warm, friendly, open environment for exchange of ideas and for you to support each other on your shared weight loss journey.

Center for Obesity & Metabolism Support Groups

Feel like you’re alone in your struggle to lose weight? Attend our monthly support group meetings! You’ll learn more about weight loss and get to know people who’ve had surgery, are preparing for surgery or just want to lose weight.

The Augusta University Obesity & Metabolism also offers free weight loss support groups on the fourth Tuesday of each month. We also offer a private Facebook support group for all participants in our program - "Augusta University Bariatric Surgery Support Group". 

Support Groups are a place to give and receive emotional and practical support as well as exchange information with individuals experiencing similar obstacles as you. Presentations and classes are given by our Bariatric Coordinator, Dietitian, Psychologist, and guest speakers.

The support group meetings are held at 5:15 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Augusta University Digestive Health Center, the same building where you have your bariatric appointments. The meetings are held in the conference room on the 2nd floor.

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