Meet Our Bariatric Team

Obesity is a complicated disease that can affect many aspects of your health. That’s why the Augusta University Center for Obesity & Metabolism offers not just a single physician but rather a team of board-certified surgeons, physicians, and other caregivers in various specialties who work together to deliver coordinated, comprehensive, and individualized care.

Our team addresses every aspect of obesity and its associated illnesses.

We can also arrange quick and easy referrals to other specialists on the Center for Obesity & Metabolism medical staff, the largest and most diverse group of physicians in the region.


Don’t fight obesity alone.

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Our expert team members include:

Dr. L. Renee Hilton – Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Aaron Bolduc – Bariatric Surgeon

Kristen Benjamin – Bariatric Nurse Practitioner

Christian Lemmon – Bariatric Psychologist

Elizabeth Hurt – Bariatric Nurse

Maria Immonen – Program Coordinator

Dr. Robert Pendergrast – Adolescent Physician and Advisor