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Infusion Therapy and Chemotherapy

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Infusion Therapy and Chemotherapy

The Infusion Center offers different types of IV treatments including chemotherapy and biotherapy. We also administer infusions such as iron, fluids and blood products.

Georgia Cancer Center - 2nd floor
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Our Approach

When your treatment plan includes chemotherapy, you will be seen at our clean, comfortable, state-of-the-art Infusion Center located in the Georgia Cancer Center.

Infusion therapy, the process of introducing medications intravenously, using a needle or catheter, into a patient’s vein, is an important part of cancer treatment. Infusion Therapies include:

  • Chemotherapy: Where strong drugs are administered to patients in order to destroy rapidly growing cancer cells.
  • Biotherapy: Also known as immunotherapy, where medications are given to patients to suppress, or boost, their immune systems during treatment to help fight infections or cancers.
  • Other Therapies: We also administer other infusions such as iron, fluids and blood products.

The Georgia Cancer Center has assembled a highly-trained team of infusion nurses. The registered nurses administering your infusion therapies have many years of experience taking care of chemotherapy patients. They are certified in chemotherapy and biotherapy through the Oncology Nursing Society.

The infusion team works closely with your physician to address any issues during your treatment. If you have any concerns, please share them with your infusion nurse. They will educate you about your treatment and any side effects that you might experience. They also will contact other service providers such as social workers, dietitians, or your Nurse Navigator to help take care of any problems you may be experiencing.


We are located on the second floor of the Georgia Cancer Center.  The Infusion Center is equipped with:

  • 30 comfortable recliner chairs: Infusion chairs are arranged in sections, called “pods”, of six chairs each. Individual chairs have accommodations for two guests.
  • 6 private rooms with beds: Private rooms are available, as needed, for patients who are sick or require longer infusion treatments.

For new patients and their families, we offer a class to educate them about chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment.  This class outlines the basics including, what happens during chemotherapy, what are the side effects and how are they managed, how to keep a positive attitude during treatment, and patient resources. The class meets:

Day and Time: Every Friday @ 2:00 pm
Location: Out-patient Clinic, Rm 2515

Registration is Required: Please stop by or call the scheduling desk at 706-721-6744.


Our Providers

Augusta University Medical Center specialists provide care and support throughout your entire healthcare journey.

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