We Cope

The We Cope program provides evaluation and recommendations for treatment which may include counseling, medications and additional resources to help you to cope with stress and heal emotionally. 

We have learned that the most effective treatment occurs when everyone works together. We Cope participants will be assigned a Care Manager, trained in Psychology who will get to know you and advocate for your needs, track your progress and make sure your doctor knows how you are doing. Care managers are master's level psychology students who are supervised by licensed mental health professionals. The We Cope team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurse practitioners. We have included modules on this website that you can work through with your care management team. Please select a module and its corresponding video(s) for more information.


  • Recognizing Anxiety: Learning about anxiety and your own physical, cognitive, and behavioral anxiety symptoms
  • Learning to Relax: Releasing tension with slow, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and imagery
  • Changing Your Thoughts: Challenging negative automatic thoughts and replacing them with more realistic, helpful thoughts
  • Getting to Sleep: Managing insomnia with a few simple guidelines for better sleep
  • Solving Problems: Solving important life problems by breaking them down into smaller problems, brainstorming and evaluating possible solutions
  • Controllling Worry: Breaking the habit of time-consuming, unproductive worry with thought-stopping and choosing a special time and place for worry
  • Increasing Your Pleasure: Relieving depression by getting involved in pleasant activities, even when you don't feel motivated
  • Changing Your Behavior: Getting over phobias, fear, and avoidance with exposure treatment
  • Coping with Pain: Monitoring discomfort, pacing yourself, using medication appropriately, and eliminating pain behaviors to help you manage chronic pain
  • Maintaining Your Progress: Preparing for the future by reviewing concepts and techniques learned in the We Cope program