Anticoagulation Clinic

What is the Anticoagulation Clinic?

The Anticoagulation Clinic is here to help monitor and manage the medication(s) you take for blood thinning purposes, such as warfarin. Our clinic is located in the Cardiovascular Center on Chafee Avenue and is staffed by clinical pharmacists. The pharmacists, working in conjunction with your referring physician and licensed practical nurses, will monitor your anticoagulation therapy.

Why is a special clinic needed to manage my medicine?

Blood-thinning medication(s) can be dangerous if not closely monitored.  To ensure safety, your blood clotting time or INR must be checked at least once a month.  However, upon starting a new medication, more frequent visits are needed when changes are made to your other medications or if your INR results are not within the therapeutic range.

How am I enrolled in the clinic?

Your physician at Augusta University Health can refer you to this clinic for management. 

What happens at the Anticoagulation Clinic?

At your appointments, the nurse will check your INR by using a finger stick blood test or blood draw if necessary and the result will be available immediately. The pharmacist will ask some questions about your health and medications and help determine what course of treatment is right for you.