Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments

When it comes to your health care, you deserve quality and convenience.

This is why Augusta University Health is offering same-day and next-day appointments in select clinics.

Primary care

  • Family Medicine - South Augusta, Evans, and Downtown
  • Internal Medicine - Furys Ferry
  • General Pediatrics - Downtown and Grovetown

Specialty care

  • Cancer Center ENT
  • Cardiology
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
  • GI
  • Medicine Continuity
  • Medicine - Infectious Disease
  • Neurosciences – General and subspecialties
  • Orthopedics – Ortho On Demand
  • Ophthalmology – On-Call Clinic
  • Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
  • Radiology Oncology
  • Surgery – Pain Center and Urology

Call 706-721-SAME (7263) before 11 a.m. Monday - Friday, we’ll do our best to offer you a same-day appointment. If you call after 11 a.m. or over the weekend or holiday, we will work to find the next available appointment that is convenient for you. Your appointment may be scheduled further out if you are requesting to be seen by a specific physician or if you are requesting a routine appointment (e.g. annual physical). 

Placing you in the driver’s seat and not having to wait for your health is what the academic advantage is all about.

Frequently asked questions about same-day and next-day appointments

How do I schedule a same-day appointment?

  • Call 706-721-SAME (7263).
  • Provide the representative with your symptoms and basic information including address, phone and insurance provider.
  • If you have a complex or chronic medical condition, your call may need to be triaged by a nurse. This ensures that your healthcare provider receives information necessary to give you the best care.
  • Same-day appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Which specialties can I schedule for a same-day appointment?

Same-Day and Next-Day appointments are available in the previously noted clinics.

In some cases, your call may need to be triaged by a nurse to ensure that your care need is directed appropriately.

If you are requesting a routine appointment, we may not be able to schedule you on the same day.

We are not accepting same-day for procedures including MRIs, CT, mammograms and surgery.

Can I schedule a same-day appointment with a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

Yes, you can. Learn more about the primary care location nearest you.

What if I have an urgent illness or injury and need to be seen as soon as possible?

If you have an illness or injury requiring immediate medical attention, please proceed to the nearest emergency facility or dial 911.

What days and times can I call 706-721-SAME (7263)?

The call center at 706-721-SAME (7263) is open 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., 5 days a week. If you call over the weekend, please leave a message and someone will follow up with you to find the next available appointment that is convenient for you.

What if I don’t want a same-day appointment?

While we offer same-day appointments as a convenience to our patients, you always have the option to schedule your appointment on a different day, if you prefer. You may request an appointment online and designate the dates and times you are available for an appointment or call one of our associates at 706-721-CARE (2273).

Will my insurance cover the same-day or next-day appointment?

Please review your benefits or call your insurance carrier for any specifics about your coverage. We are committed to working with you to match your insurance plan requirements in the best possible manner. Even if your insurance does not cover the appointment, you can still see a provider but may be asked to pay for the services at the time of scheduling.