Become a Living Kidney Donor at Augusta University

The experience of being a living kidney donor can be a wonderful and gratifying life event. In most cases the kidney transplant is successful and the recipient receives the chance to live a life as close to normal as possible. The vast majority of recipients have better, longer lives because of the donor’s generous gift.

The Augusta University Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program wants to provide you with as much information as possible about the transplant process so you can make the decision that is correct for you. The decision to donate a kidney is an important and personal one and it is very normal to have many questions and concerns about living donation. We strive to make the donation process as convenient as possible.

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Kidney Paired Donation is an option for donors who cannot donate a kidney to their loved one due to an incompatibility.  The Augusta University Kidney Transplant Program works with other organizations to identify a pair in a similar situation, meaning recipients may benefit from a living donor transplant even if their loved one cannot donate to them.

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View the kidney donor compatibility and evaluation process to see if you might be a possible living kidney donor.

For more information about Kidney and Pancreas Transplant services at Augusta University, call 706-721-2888 or 1-800-736-2273, ext 2888 or e-mail