Lupus Multi-Specialty Clinic

The Lupus Multi-Specialty Clinic at Medical Center at Augusta University is designed to diagnosis and treat persons with systemic lupus erythematosus.  The multi-specialty clinical team is composed of rheumatology, nephrology, dermatology, and pathology.  The team is designed to give continuous comprehensive care, improve treatment outcomes, as well as to advance research on this complex disease.

Systemic lupus is a multi-system disorder that primarily effects women of childbearing age but can be identified in both genders throughout life. Symptoms can include skin rashes and inflammatory arthritis as well as organ involvement in the kidney, lung, and heart.

Consultations for this clinic can be arranged by your Primary Care Physician. Evaluations are provided and adjustments in therapy recommended as needed. Close communication is maintained with the primary care physician to facilitate care. 

If you have lupus and are concerned about having lupus, please have your primary care physician call Kilwanna Bush-Brown, RN at 706-721-9684 for further information.