The Region’s Largest Athletic Training Program. Period.

If your son or daughter plays a sport, those medical professionals sharing the field with them are probably certified athletic trainers from Georgia Regents Sports Medicine Center.

We are the region’s largest team of certified athletic trainers, serving top athletes, including:

  • High school sports
  • Collegiate sports
  • Professional sports
  • Intramural sports and other local organizations
  • Tactical athletes, such as law enforcement and emergency personnel

Click here for a full list of the schools, athletes and events that we support.

What is a certified athletic trainer?

Certified athletic trainers are very different from personal trainers. We are licensed allied health professionals, earning a four-year degree and passing a national board of examinations.

We are licensed and trained to evaluate and diagnose, as well as treat and rehabilitate injuries in the entire athlete—from concussions to ankle sprains. Think of us this way: a physician extender, a physical therapist, a nurse and a paramedic—all rolled into one.

What we do

As certified athletic trainers, we see patients in clinic, but usually we’re out in the community—at practices, home games and even some away games. Our goal is to provide the best quality care as efficiently and as effectively as possible, so athletes can perform at their best and avoid injuries.

Certified athletic trainers are often an athlete’s main source of primary health care. We provide:

  • Pre-season physicals and screenings, including cardiac screenings
  • Injury evaluation and diagnosis
  • Treatment and rehabilitation, including bracing, orthotics, splints and casting
  • Prevention, focusing on the right mechanics to avoid injury and a concussion education program
  • Education, including home exercise programs
  • Black and Blue, a Saturday football injury clinic (during football season)

Athletic Trainers Leading Academic Success

Georgia Regents certified athletic trainers are also involved in helping students in the classroom. Through this program, trainers are teaching health care career or sports medicine classes in local high schools.

The goal is to develop students’ interest in a health care career and to educate them about the health care field in general.

Every March, more than 200 students also spend a day at Medical Center at Augusta University to learn more about sports medicine and other health care fields, and to tour the Medical College of Georgia and the College of Allied Health at Augusta University.

Contact Our Certified Athletic Trainers

If you are a school or other organization looking for event or team coverage, or if you are interested in the "Athletic Trainers Leading Academic Success" program, call 706-721-PLAY (7529) to speak to a member of our certified athletic training CARE team.