Project RED

Project RED (for Re-Engineering Discharge) is a collaborative project involving medical centers across the country, supported by a grant that was received by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Joint Commission Resources to assist hospitals in improving their discharge processes to:

  • Help patients go home as soon as they are able
  • Help patients stay healthy at home after discharge from the hospital
  • Avoid expensive re-admissions

The ultimate goals of the project are to keep patients healthy and to improve both patient and provider satisfaction.

Project RED Pilot Project

In the Project RED pilot project, we will re-engineer discharge for our congestive heart failure patients and our patients with chronic lung disease who are under the care of our hospitalists on 5 West, our Family Medicine physicians on 7 Medicine and our cardiologists on 6 North.

One of the things that will make our re-engineered discharge (RED) process work is establishing a discharge advocate for our patients who can coordinate their discharge starting the moment that they are admitted for care.

Another task we must accomplish to make the project successful is to develop a process that will deliver a comprehensive home care plan to our patients at the time of discharge which outlines needed medications, treatments, and follow up appointments, and also provides useful educational materials about their disease.

The bottom line is that we are committed to give you both the very best care in our hospital and the very best chance of staying healthy once you leave us!

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