Patient Safety is a primary concern when transporting patients for tests and procedures within the hospital. The Communication Hand-Off Worksheet (PAMPER) was developed to document and communicate the patient's condition prior to transport and upon arrival at the desired department. The information on the patient's condition is used by the department receiving the patient as a baseline assessment to determine whether there has been a change in the patient’s status. The receiving departments sign off receiving the patient noting the patient’s status and the patient's ability to tolerate the procedure.

The PAMPER sheet is used by all nursing units in the adult hospital for patients going to Radiology, Dialysis, Echo Lab, Endoscopy, etc. and includes the following critical information:

P – Patient information

A – Allergies to medications

M – Medications the patient is prescribed

P – Precautions (at risk for falls, at risk for aspiration, isolation)

E – Equipment such as oxygen

R – Receiving department documents it's assessment of the patient upon arrival


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