The Augusta University Executive Wellness Team

As you go through each exam ordered for your Executive Wellness Assessment, you will meet a number of different specialists. Select a name below to find out more about that physician, and check out our additional specialists.

The Executive Wellness program is all coordinated by our Executive Wellness Navigator, your personal guide to make sure your day runs efficiently. In between your medical appointments, you will be escorted back to the Executive Suite so you can catch up on emails or calls. Lunch will be served in the Executive Suite, allowing you some ‘down time’ in a quiet setting with access to business services and wireless internet.

Meet our Team:


All Executive Wellness Specialists

David Bogorad, MD Ophthalmology
Hima Boppidi, MD Medical Oncology
Thaddeus Carson, MD Internal Medicine
Loretta Davis, MD Dermatology
Robert Dollinger, MD Internal Medicine
Amy Estes, MD Ophthalmology
Anand Jillella, MBBS Oncology/Hematology
Zachary Lukowski, MD Ophthalmology
Lee Merchen, MD Internal Medicine
Jacob Misenheimer, MD Interventional Cardiology
Walter Moore, MD Rheumatology
Anthony Mulloy, DO Endocrinology
Laura Mulloy, DO Nephrology
Cheryl Newman, MD Infectious Disease Infectious Disease Medicine
Julian Nussbaum, MD Ophthalmology
John Thornton, MD Cardiology