Prevent Tooth Loss with Root Canals and Other Endodontic Care

Endodontists are dentists with years of additional training in treating diseases and injuries of the pulp and associated conditions, often involving root canal therapy, to save the natural tooth.

Augusta University Dental Associates staffs a team of highly skilled board-certified endodontists who offer the latest therapies to preserve your smile and oral health.

Care is delivered in a dedicated endodontic clinic within the bright and spacious Augusta University College of Dental Medicine, a world-class facility that offers easy access to every dental specialty under one roof.

These experienced endodontists will ensure your comfort, ease your anxiety and make every visit as pleasant as possible. The clinic accepts most dental insurance plans and credit cards as well as checks and cash.

They offer the following services:

  • Root canal therapy in one or multiple visits
  • Pulpectomy, to totally remove a damaged nerve
  • Pulpotomy, to remove part of the infected nerve
  • Apicoectomy, an in-office surgery to treat a previous root canal in which inflammation or infection persists
  • Retreatment of previous root canals for other causes
  • Therapies to repair, restore and save cracked teeth
  • Internal root repair to prevent reabsorption of the tooth and the discoloration this causes
  • Reimplantation of natural teeth lost due to trauma
  • All the resources of Georgia Regents Dental Associates, the state’s largest, most comprehensive dental practice
  • Easy, often same-day chair-side, consults with other dental specialists

If you need a root canal or other endodontic treatment, depend on our world-class specialists for precise, effective care. Appointments can be made by referral from your general dentist.

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