Helping Children and Families Cope with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) can be frustrating to both kids and their parents, but Medical Center at Augusta University’s ADHD program can help. This behavior-modification program, managed by child and adolescent psychologists and psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD, runs throughout the school year.

This program provides training to children and their parents regarding fundamental social skills and behavioral management strategies. If necessary, a clinically sound medication approach is utilized.

Because ADHD often represents a complex set of behavior, learning, social, and mood symptoms, medication for many children is not sufficient to address their multiple needs. Our program uses a unique interdisciplinary approach to the care of children with ADHD.

This program is designed and led by a clinician who has been caring for children with ADHD and their families in the CSRA for over 28 years.

How to Refer

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ADHD Treatment Program.

Provider Referrals:
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Core Elements of the Treatment Component

This is an eight week treatment program that involves the following core features:

  • An eight week parent training program to teach essential behavioral management skills.
  • Concurrent with the parent training program, an eight week friendship skills training program for the children.
  • Individual family consultation meetings.

Who to Refer

  • Children ages 6-14 who have a diagnosis of ADHD.
  • Families willing and able to attend weekly sessions for eight weeks.
  • Children who have insurance (private or governmental) that will pay for this service or children whose families are willing to pay out of pocket.

Alex Mabe, Ph.D.
Dr. Alex Mabe
Dr. Mabe is a Professor in the Division of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at Medical Center at Augusta University, as well as the Director of the Psychology Residency Training Program. He is a Wake Forest University Graduate before going on to receive his MA at East Carolina University and his Ph.D. at Florida State University. His specialty teaching areas include parenting, mental health problems in children, classroom management tools and pediatric psychology.


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