Pediatric Emergency Air and Ground Transport to Children’s Hospital of Georgia

LifeNet helicopter

If your child or patient needs special pediatric care that’s not available in your community, the Pediatric Transport Team offers air and ground transport to Children’s Hospital of Georgia, a regional referral center for pediatric care.

In-transport Care by a Registered Nurse and Respiratory Therapist

Our pediatric transport team’s trained intensive care nurses and pediatric respiratory therapists have more than 30 years of pediatric critical care experience and travel throughout Georgia and neighboring states, bringing emergency care directly to patients from birth to age 21 during transport.

Children’s Hospital of Georgia offers a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center (the highest level) and the region’s only Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.   

The transport team provides emergency care, ventilator support, invasive monitoring and vasoactive drugs during transport. What’s more, they are in contact with a pediatric physician intensivist, who advises the team during transport.

When to Contact the Pediatric Transport Team

Call  the Pediatric Transport Team if your patient:

  • Requires a higher level of care than is available locally
  • Faces a technology-dependent emergency
  • Is in respiratory distress
  • Has an injury that suggest abuse
  • Has deteriorating vital signs
  • Exhibits an altered level of consciousness
  • Is experiencing cardiac problems
  • Has suffered a trauma

To arrange a transport, please call 877-561-5600.   

Contact Jason Herold, Pediatric Transport Coordinator