Learn Car Seat Safety

Safe Kids logoMany people are not using their car seats properly. And every year thousands of children die or suffer injuries due to the improper use of car seats and restraints. This 2-hour program will teach you the proper selection, use, installation and progression of car and booster seats for infants, toddlers and children not yet ready to use adult seat belts, or those under 4’ 9” tall. The program is based on best practice guidelines. Safe Kids Greater Augusta also provides car or booster seats to families who meet financial need guidelines when available for a $10.00 per child Fee. Please arrange for childcare if possible, as it is a 2 hour class and little ones like to be active and will distract other participants.

  •  Classes are taught by Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians from Safe Kids Greater Augusta.

  • Class size is limited, to register call 706-721-7606 or click here.

Education Only:

  • Registration is free if attending for education only

  • Distribution Program: - for families meeting financial criteria

  • Registration fee is $10 per child 

  • Upon completion of the class you will receive a voucher to redeem the car seat at one of our Child Safety Seat Inspections.