Psychiatry and Health Behavior Specialists

Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Peter Buckley
Peter Buckley, MD
Dean, Medical College of Georgia

Gina Duncan, MD
Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Adriana Foster
Adriana Foster, MD

Brian Miller, MD
Dr. Vaughn McCall
Vaughn McCall, MD
Dr. Peter Rosenquist
Peter Rosenquist, MD
Dr. Simon Sebastian
Simon Sebastian, MD

Erin Vanessa Spearman
Augusta University Health Medical Center
Dr. Nitin Shendarkar
Nitin Shendarkar, MD
Dr. Stewart Shevitz
Stewart Shevitz, MD
Director of Psychiatric Education & Training
Dr. Scott Vansant
Scott Van Sant, MD
Medical Director,
Augusta University Health Medical Center, 3S

Child Psychiatry

Dr. Sandra Sexson
Sanda Sexson, MD
Chief, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Miranda Harris
Miranda Harris, MD
Dr. Eric Lewkowiez
Eric Lewkowiez, MD
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Donna Londino
Donna Londino, MD
Dr. Dale Peeples
Dale Peeples, MD
Dr. Lisa Sheehan
Lisa Sheehan, MD

Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Elizabeth Hogan

Elizabeth Hogan, MD
Director of Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship
Law and Psychiatry Program



 Bernard Davidson, PhD
Bernard Davidson, PhD
Dr. Jill Hann
Jan Hann, PhD
Dr. Amy House
Amy House, PhD 
Christian Lemmon, PhD
Christian Lemmon, PhD
Dr. Susan Sato
Susan Sato, PhD
Dr. Laura Stepleman
Lara Stepleman, PhD