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Monitoring and Managing Blood Thinning Medications

Medical Center at Augusta University physicians with patients over the age of 18, who take blood-thinning medications, depend on the Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic. The Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic is staffed by enthusiastic clinical pharmacists who work in conjunction with a physician and a licensed practical nurse to provide a concentrated clinical focus on monitoring and managing anticoagulation medications for your patients.  

This focused and systematic method of managing patients on blood-thinning medications has proven to produce reliable, consistent results while freeing physicians for other duties. What’s more, the results are immediately available to both patients and their physicians. The clinic’s pharmacists immediately upload their findings through Power Chart Office, the same electronic medical records (EMR) system Medical Center at Augusta University physicians use, and forward them to the patient’s physician.

Who Can Use These Services?

The Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic was designed primarily to serve Medical Center at Augusta University physicians and patients. If you are a physician in Medical Center at Augusta University’s Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Continuity Care or any specialty clinic, excluding pediatrics, you may direct existing or newly initiated patients to the Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic. This clinic also serves patients who have no health insurance and no primary care physician, newly started on anticoagulation during a hospitalization within a five-county area that includes Richmond, Columbia, Burke, Aiken or Edgefield counties.

A Complete Range of Services

The Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic’s staff will help your patients initially adjust to their medications; then monitor them as needed to ensure that they remain within therapeutic ranges.

Services include:

  • Initial and follow-up INR monitoring
  • Adjustments to warfarin therapy
  • Initiation of “bridge therapy” with  low molecular weight heparins as indicated
  • Consultations with clinical pharmacists regarding anticoagulation therapy
  • Patient education

Referral of Patients During Regular Business Hours

To refer an adult patient to the Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic, access the Form MCG882-“Clinical Directive for Anticoagulation Management” on “Forms on Demand” and fax to 706-721-6975.  Additionally, all referring Medical Center at Augusta University physicians will need to sign a collaborative practice agreement at the time of referral.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 706-721-4329.  To reach the Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic directly (Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm), call 706-721-9664.

After Hours Referral

For patients being referred after hours, the physician will need to complete a Clinical Directive Form (MCG882) found under the Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic tab in “Forms on Demand.”  The completed Clinical Directive Form should be faxed to 706-721-6975. Complete the “Call Center Scheduling Form” and OrderComm or fax to 721-1459.  Provide a copy of the “Call Center Scheduling Form” to the patient and instruct them to call the number on the form if they have not been notified of a follow-up appointment within two business days.

We are honored you've chosen Augusta University Anticoagulation Clinic for your patient's care. Please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Site leaders if you need any assistance or information.  Or you may also download a printed version or presentation of this material.